Best Funny Movie Thvey Dei SeNa ReaChvang

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On His Majesty's Secret Service (simplified Chinese: 大内密探灵灵狗; traditional Chinese: 大內密探靈靈狗; Mandarin Pinyin: Dà Nèi Mì Tàn Líng Líng Gǒu; Jyutping: Daai6 Noi6 Mat6 Taam3 Ling4 Ling4 Gau2) is a 2009 Hong Kong comedy film, written, produced and directed by Wong Jing. The Chinese title is a parody of the 1996 film Forbidden City Cop which starred Stephen Chow and also produced by Wong and the English title is a parody of the James Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret Service