Pesakakam A II Chhin Long


Project A Part II (Chinese: A計劃續集; aka Jackie Chan’s Project A II) is a 1987 Hong Kong action film written, directed by and starring Jackie Chan which serves as a sequel to his 1983 Asian hit film Project A. Although Chan stars as Sergeant Dragon Ma once again, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao, stars from the original film, are absent.

The sequel continues with some runaway pirates making a vow that they must kill Dragon Ma (Jackie Chan) to take revenge for their late captain (Sam Pou).On recommendation of the Chief of Marine Force (Kwan Hoi-san), Dragon Ma is transferred to be in charge of the district of Sai Wan after the Superintendent, Chun, is thought to be staging his arrests. Chun, however, has an excellent record and the "criminals" he has been engaging are shot and killed, so there is no evidence against him.Dragon Ma and his subordinates later meet Yesan (Maggie Cheung) and her cousin, Carina (Carina Lau), at a teahouse selling flowers to raise funds. He later learns that Carina is actually a member of the Chinese revolutionaries headed by Dr Sun Yat-sen.Dragon identifies himself as the new superintendent of Sai Wai Police Station, after realizing that all of his policemen except one has been taking bribes. Ho, the only upright policeman around, tells them that a gangster named Tiger Ow with gambling dens and other illegal businesses is the kingpin of the town.

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